MANTRA is a free online course for those who manage digital data as part of their research project.
Information Professional
Senior Academic
Career Researcher
Research Student

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  • Types of research data
  • Why managing data is important
  • Challenges of data in society
  • Good practice and responsible research
  • Checklists & planning tools
  • Funder compliance
  • Housekeeping
  • File versioning
  • Naming & re-naming conventions
  • Open and proprietary formats
  • Compression
  • Normalisation
  • Data documentation; using other peoples' data
  • Forms and purposes of metadata
  • Data citation as part of the scholarly record
  • Backup & storage methods
  • Password safety & encryption
  • Strategies for long-term data security
  • Data confidentiality, privacy & informed consent
  • Data protection legislation & anonymisation
  • IPR and Freedom of Information principles
  • Formal & informal data sharing
  • Preservation & trusted repositories
  • Licensing and 'open data'

Practice manipulating data in software analysis packages (SPSS, R, ArcGIS, NVivo) using open datasets with exercises in PDF.

Creative Commons
The University of Edinburgh